Friday, June 17, 2005

Bwahahaha! Scott-O-Rama thought he was zinging me. Little does he know he selected my theme song as his *ahem* 'Boogie Boogie Song of the Day.'

In any event, he does seem to know he is outmatched... and he's apparently desparate to end this intense blog war. Ordinarily, I would agree to go easy on him, but -- as you can see -- he has doctored my photo:

Now, I post many photos of myself on this blog, and not all are from my best side, but this mockery cannot be tolerated. And that 666 on my forehead? I would never seldom do such a thing!

I have to think about this. Do I ignore the insult, or take action? Or do I take the passive-aggressive route and integrate a character named Scott-O-Rama into the book I'm writing? So many options...