Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I don't want this to sound melodramatic, but TRL is about to undergo a brief hiatus. Like, in a day or two. Or maybe three.

No, I haven't been Dooced. I'm not bored with blogging. I'm not terminally ill. I'm not crying out for attention. I am not being stalked. And, above all, I am not trying to be trendy... 'cause anyway, stepping away from blogging is so 2004. I just need to tuck the blog away for a while.

Speaking of which, does anyone using Blogger know how I can do that without losing 29 months worth of entries? I have poked around a bit, but if the answer is obvious, I've missed it.

Oh, and just in case I suddenly vanish, you'd better take down my brand-spanking-new e-mail address: ByrnesRCJ@gmail.com.

Yes, g-mail. Maybe I am trying to be trendy...