Wednesday, February 22, 2006

And the progress continues. And even though I'm going to keep numbering these posts sequentially, an overnight e-mail exchange now gives me the impression that my editor is looking for the manuscript on February 28, not March 1.

That's okay. I still feel good about it. We're on target. And here are the developments since yesterday's entry:

* I don't know Los Angeles, where part of the story is set. Fortunately, two folks have stepped up to the plate to give me some local color from the 1960s and today. Gotta love the bloggers, right?

* I spent a good part of yesterday evening sorting out the first quarter of the manuscript -- the part I affectionately call 'the unmitigated disaster' -- and there's good news. I don't think I'll have to cut as much as I feared, and it's shaping up quite nicely. A lot of passages need to be reordered (thank you, MS Word, for allowing me to tag different sections with different font colors to keep things straight) but that pivotal part of the book is starting to come alive.

* I had a few drinks with my friend D. last night, and -- as we hashed out some details -- he recommended incorporating a few film-making techniques into the narrative. I'm writing about the entertainment industry, after all. And I think I can make this work.

* And, finally, I decided firmly that the sex scenes will not be graphic. There will be some detailed undressing, and you'll get your description of lip-locks and tight torsos and whatever else drives the kids wild these days, but then...

"Shit,” he said, looking around the room and hoping an inspiration would occur to him. “No lube.”

“You didn’t bring any with you?”

“No. It never occurred to me that I’d be having sex. You?”

Bart shrugged. “Same with me.” He thought for a moment, then added, “Never mind. Come here.”

Noah climbed back onto the bed, entwining himself with Bart.

They kissed, and Noah closed his eyes in deep satisfaction.

“You know,” said Bart, “if this were a movie, it would be the perfect moment to fade to black.”

Taking his cue, Noah reached over and turned off the lamp on the nightstand, and the room went dark.

So much for that. And now, on to today's writing fun.