Friday, March 17, 2006

Due to a bad server at Blogger -- thanks, Blogger! -- I'm going to have about 30 visitors today. But instead of seeking revenge the old fashion way, I shall let Googlism do it for me.

Plus, I can't find my baseball bat.

Blogger is:
* blogger is not working
* blogger is giving me hives
* blogger is giving me shit
* blogger is evil
* blogger is a fat pissant with the uptime of an old man without viagra

Why stop there?

Gawker is:
* gawker is going to hit your car and blame you for the accident

The Malcontent is:
* the malcontent is never heard from again

Fark is:
* fark is way better than bored

Andrew Sullivan is:
* andrew sullivan is looking to fuck around with strangers on the internet

Hot Toddy is:
* hot toddy is even safe for kids

Faustus is:
* faustus is both astonishing and unprecedented

The Tin Man is:
* tin man is in an undisclosed location awaiting his next adventure

And, finally...

Rob Byrnes is:
* rob byrnes is 35

You don't get that kind of accuracy on just any web site. Just sayin'...