Thursday, May 18, 2006

I apologize for the unplanned mini-hiatus. First, I had a million little pieces of business to handle for the day job. Since that pays the bills, those million little pieces had priority.

Second, my page proofs came back for When the Stars Come Out. Ordinarily, this wouldn't be of great significance. Unfortunately, there were a million little errors -- most happening in the production process, a few my own problems with continuity that I missed during copy-editing -- so that became a time-killer. I mean, my name is going on that book, kids. Know what I'm saying?

Third, I had my eyes examined recently. I've never had my pupils dilated before... now that is a supposedly fun thing I'll never do again. Anyway, I regret to inform you that the new contact lenses are not compatible with doing a lot of reading and writing, and I keep forgetting my glasses, so I have been handicapping myself for the past week. (Uh... I ain't got a 'million little' thing for you here. So much for a theme.)

Then there is four: the short story my editors are so patiently waiting for. The good news is that after a surprisingly vigorous debate over the geographical location of Altoona, Pennsylvania last night at a bar in DC, I now know how to wrap it up. It's coming... it's coming... although I know my editors have heard that a million little times before.

Fifth, as I noted in the preceding paragraph, I am currently in Washington DC for the Lambda Literary Foundation Awards tonight. I also plan to finally meet FAG there. I have also been requested to make a drive-by through Book Expo America tomorrow. Oh, the million little demands upon the Famous Author...

Six: tomorrow I bring home Bradykins, who is about to reinvent his life as a New Yorker. Obviously, he's not the only one looking at making a million little adjustments in his life... but it's all good.

So I guess you can see that the past few weeks have been intense. I shall return, though. And maybe even with some readable content.

So that's my story. In the meantime, does anyone know what happened here?

Also, I totally forgot that I'm slowly dying from MSOD. Which is another excuse, and a great one at that. Can you imagine how busy I am, to have totally forgotten that?