Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I have a special offer for TRL readers from across the nation globe universe, so listen up.

In my possession are several hundred copies of the Kensington Gay Summer Sampler, featuring short excerpts from great gay books coming out this summer, including Michael Thomas Ford's Full Circle; Patrick Moore's Tweaked; Bart Yates's The Brothers Bishop; and the book you've been eagerly waiting for: Rob Byrnes's When the Stars Come Out.

The sampler is a great introduction to these Kensington titles, and I'd like to put copies in your hands for you, your friends, and random people in your town. I already have a distribution network out there, but -- with hundreds of samplers at my disposal -- I can always use help spreading the word. And let me add that these 32-page booklets are professionally produced with a glossy cover, so they'll be a hit at your local bar, bookstore, or community center... or wherever else gay and gay-friendly people congregate. (I pretty much just know bars and bookstores. Sorry.)

If you would like me to send you a few dozen -- or more -- drop me an e-mail and I will ship a batch out to you. And if you're a blogger, feel free to offer samplers to your readership. Whether you're in Queens or West Hollywood or St. Louis or Portland or DC or... hell, wherever you live... give me a shout and I'll fix you up.

And if you do something nice for me and the Kensington stable of authors (some of whom are also famous, in their own ways), I will do something nice for you. Like, lay off the drunk-texting. Or something. We'll work on it together.