Monday, December 18, 2006

It's December 18th already? Christ, how the hell did that happen?

See, here's the deal: tomorrow morning I get on a plane and fly to a faraway land known as Colorado. It's... it's square. And, uh... the roads are mostly paved. Beyond that, your guess is as good as mine.

A few days in Sterling, a day or two in Denver, and a week or so in Loveland (where everybody lives to love). Also a sidetrip to Vegas where I intend to make my fortune, but shhhh. What I intend to happen in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Long story short: unless I get so bored while I'm away that I try to upload from my Treo, this is probably my last entry to The Rob Log in 2006. So please accept my warmest wishes and most sincere-ish thanks for making the past year memorable. Happy Holidays! Happy New Year! Happy... uh... never mind. I guess that's about it.

But no tears. Be brave. I will be back with you in 2007.

Unless, you know, the MSOD gets me first.

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