Monday, April 09, 2007

No, not because I'm famous Famous. And not because I'm 'very special' in the Queerty sort of way. I'm very special because I am apparently the first person friends and co-workers have ever met who's had a head cold!

In the past hour, four people have expressed concern that I either have or might have the flu. This just makes me think that they are ignorant dolts who don't deserve a serious answer. For the ignorant dolts among us: colds = common, hence the term 'the common cold.' The flu = serious, as in worldwide epidemics. After almost five decades, I think I know the difference, so stop asking if I'm sure. Because every time you ask, it makes me hate you just a little bit more.

People also keep talking to me. I want them to stop. I am not in the mood to deal with idle conversation. I want to be left alone, do my work, and cuddle up in the corner and rest get through the day.

I have stories from the weekend to tell, but I'm clearly not in the mood right now. Later, 'kay?