Thursday, June 28, 2007

Actress Doris Roberts, better known as the bitch from Everybody Loves Raymond, on catching the acting bug:
"I got my start in the Bronx in kindergarten," Roberts told the crowd. "I had one line in a play, and everyone laughed and applauded; I loved that sound, so that's why I continued doing it."
Which reminded me of these lyrics from the musical Applause :
“When I was eight
I was in a school play
I’ll never forget it
I had one line to say
My big moment came
I said ‘what ho the prince!’
My sister applauded
I’ve been hooked ever since.”
Nice try, Doris, but we're on to you here at The Rob Log. You can't put anything by us. Consider yourself busted, lady!

This public service provided by the only blogger old enough to remember Applause. You're welcome.