Monday, July 02, 2007

Now that it is public knowledge, I can reveal that I have joined the team at The Malcontent, instantly numbing their regular readers with a longer-than-it-looked-while-I-was-typing-it first entry.

I know you were all thinking that I was taking over Gawker, didn't you? Nah... too low-brow for me.

Seriously, I am excited about joining Matt and Robbie at The Malcontent. While I don't always agree with them on political matters, I appreciate their irreverency and ability to think outside rigid political orthodoxy. I think the three of us will make a great team, so bookmark their site, sit back, and watch the show.

Plus, this is the best of all possible worlds for me. Now, when I go to the far-right blogs, I'll still be called a 'libtard;' but my Malcontent affiliation will also earn me the 'repuglican' label on the left-wing sites! And nothing gets me juiced up like childish name-calling!

And for those of you who read this and only this blog, don't fret. My own brand of ireverence and irrelevance will continue here at The Rob Log.