Thursday, January 17, 2008

Look at me! Blog entries on two consecutive days! I feel like Andy Towle! Except for, you know, the readership.

Anyway, after months of neglect I got rid of a bunch of links to dead blogs. (I know I never got around to this in your lifetimes, but goodbye ChrisB, Joel, Christopher, and Miss Wanton!) I also changed a blog name, mostly because I didn't want anyone to think that a link to Useless! Worthless! Insipid! was meant as a comment on Mike's relatively newly-renamed Epenthesis Enterprises.

And even though I know a number of the remaining sites on my blogroll have either de-linked me or never linked to me, I am a forgiving person and will let things stay as they are. But, yes, I know who you are.

One final tweak to the template: I pulled the writers off the main blogroll and gave them their own special blogroll. My rule for this is predictably arbitrary, but basically it goes like this: if you're a writer and we're friends (or at least friendly. Ish) and you blog, I will link to your blog. My inclination is not to link to static homepages... but never say never. If we can't stand each other or if you've said bad things about me and I've caught you in the act, well... I think we know how that will end. Also, everyone knows that you're wrong and hates you. Die, loser.

Since I haven't cleaned things up in a while, I'm certain to have missed some things. When I get the chance, I'll play around in Technorati and my site stats and look for incoming links I'm missing. In the meantime, if you think I should be linking to you, or if I'm missing some random writer, or both, drop me an e-mail.