Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Is there some weird-ass astrological thing going on? Because I would like to kick someone in the nuts.

Okay, true, I feel like that a lot at work. I swallow it, and smile, and let the world walk right over me because they pay me a lot of money. But now I'm home, and all I want to do is hurt someone.* Physically, obviously, not emotionally.* Gotta keep the day job separate from after-hours anger!

Ugh. I hate it when "8:00/9:00 to 5:30/6:00" pours over into the evening, when I usually unwind and move past it. This mood is ruining my off hours, meaning I'm going to be a bitch tomorrow, and spiral into a deepening pit of anger and resentment until I do something more inappropriate than my normal inappropriateness, which is usually idiotic comedy, not raw anger.

So... if any of you have a real need/fetish to get kicked in the balls, let me know. I have a feeling this will be hanging on for a few days, and during the day I am centrally located in Midtown Manhattan.

* - not my boyfriend, who is -- as always -- supportive and adorable. Although all of the sudden he wants to GET ON THE COMPUTER WHILE I'M USING IT!!!!!

No, I'm okay. Seriously...