Thursday, March 13, 2008

Doesn't it now seem as if the entire Eliot Spitzer debacle happened months ago, instead of this week?

The brain has a remarkable ability to heal.


In a related observation, I think it's simply adorable how some of my former neighbors in the Rochester area (and throughout the rest of the state, I'm sure) have picked up on incoming-Governor David Paterson's visual impairment. See the comments. "Mr. Magoo"... "Ray Charles"... they are a laugh riot. I bet it's just killing them that they can't call him "nigger," which you know is what these boors with modems and fourth-grade home-schooled educations are really thinking.

Fortunately, most people in this state -- in all corners of this state -- are better equipped to deal with someone who isn't a paunchy 58-year-old white male Bush voter than these mouth-breathers, so there is hope.


Finally, and quite coincidentally, this is from today's Rochester Democrat & Chronicle: "Jell-O family descendant is denied family money"

It seems as if I blogged about Jell-O months ago, instead of last week...