Friday, April 25, 2008

The FARBdex: April, 2008
(I know I should wait until the end of the month to index the fun we've had in April, but you'll live...)

911, necessity to call before being killed (4/02)
ANGER (4/01; 4/10; 4/14)
BALLS, desire to kick someone in (4/01)
BONO, Sonny, murder of (4/04)
BRAZIL, and the waxing of elderly men (4/24)
BYRNES, Famous Author Rob, and Canadianess of (4/02); as Child of the Raven (4/02); as drunk (4/09); as life-partner of Mario Lopez (4/02); as Master Detective (4/04); as Old and Out of Touch (4/10; 4/18); as Stud (4/07; 4/08; 4/09); as Stud who nailed the Paper Boy (4/07); too amused by own cleverness (4/02)
CORNING, Ron, and outing by tag cloud (4/14), fired (4/16)
COWS, sex with (4/23)
GAWKER, and second-grade mathematics (4/11)
“GREASE” and ho status of Sandy (4/20)
HILTER, Adolf (4/18)
LOPEZ, Mario, as life-partner of Famous Author Rob Byrnes (4/02)
MOTORCYCLES, as portable death machines (4/07)
OREOS (4/03)
QUEERTY (4/24)
ROCHESTER, NY; and mass transit (4/04); and The Paper Boy (4/07)
SEARS, as location for bathroom sex filled with all kinds of hotness (4/23)
TOWNHOUSE, The, as depicted in underappreciated fiction (4/18)
ZOMBIES, vegan dietary restrictions of (4/23)