Sunday, January 31, 2010


Have I mentioned in the past that I am blessed to have been born in the United States of America? Yeah, a few times. And I meant it every time.

But... this shit. Uh, no. Especially ironic coming from the governor of the most natural disaster-plagued state in the nation.

I know Charlie Crist probably doesn't mean it. He's just protecting his ass when Marco Rubio goes after it. (Which, come to think of it... but, no. I won't go there.) But some politicians will do whatever they have to do to stay relevant.

And if swimming in the nativist swamp is what they have to do --

Hey! I have an idea! If Charlie happens to pick up crabs from some illicit genital commingling, he can tell people he got them in the Genital Swamp! Right off the Intercoastal! Brilliant! I am the next Lee Atwater! Truly.

But in the meantime, it'd be nice for rich, comfortable Americans to pick up the tab for poor Haitians who will die if people like Charlie Crist dictate the rules. Decency is not a partisan sport, and there is not a single dying person who cares who gets the credit.

So, Charlie Crist, go fuck yourself. And Marco Rubio -- unless you condemn Crist -- fuck yourself, too.