Friday, November 07, 2003

A head cold knocked me out yesterday. Oh, I was at work, but I was mostly worthless. Minor accomplishments, accompanied by lots of clicks on my links to see if anyone was updating. So if you noticed 40 referrals from this site yesterday, I'm the guilty party. Sorry.

Anyway, today I'm making up for yesterday's lagging productivity, so you won't here much from me. And this afternoon I'm off to see Bradykins in DC, so it will be Monday before TRL is back in action.

In the meantime... I really try to keep my professional career separate from my writing and, well, this site. But if you're in Manhattan, you can find a picture of me doing day job-type things in the Manhattan Media newspapers. (Actually, I was photographed at a cocktail party -- go figure -- but it was work-related, so there!)

Ciao for now!