Thursday, December 04, 2003

Here are a few of my upcoming public appearances:

Friday, 12/5: Happy Hour at Posh, with Special Guest Star Brady. If I'm not too intoxicated too early, I might try to do this:

Saturday, 12/6: The Lynette and Rob Show Reunion Special (also known as the annual holiday party I host with my former roommate.) No offense, kids, but if you haven't already been invited... well, you know that drill.

Sunday, 12/7: If I'm not too hungover, I might try to do this, because Keith Price and Blanca Dominguez are two of the funniest people in New York:

Monday, 12/8: My 45th Birthday Extravaganza! AKA: Getting drunk again at Posh.

Tuesday, 12/9: Townhouse Tuesdays with Michael.

Friday, 12/12: I'll be appearing in Washington DC with the BoiFromTroy at either lunch or, later, for drinks... or both.

Saturday, 12/13: Still in Washington, this time as Guest of Honor at the V Party (er... that's a Roman numeral 'five'.) (Just kidding about that 'guest of honor' thing, too.) (And no more parentheses.) (This time I mean it.)

So I'll see you around, right?