Monday, April 12, 2004

The Boi From Troy-Wonkette Honorariest Homo Poll has come to a close, and, well... I hate to sound immodest, but through the advocacy of the skilled political hands at TRL, John Derbyshire will, in fact, sip the sweet, sweet nectar of victory.

I haven't really spoken to Derb, but I'm bucking for the position of Press Secretary, so I'll just go ahead and speak for him, anyway. We both thank you for recognizing the homo-liness that is the core of Derb: the sodomy-obsessed lover of opera and Ethel Merman.

And since Derb thinks that consensual gay male sex is the same as prison rape, I think it's appropriate to insert (heh heh... I wrote 'insert') what can only be his mug shot here:

See? Internet-based campaigns can work!