Monday, May 17, 2004

Due to a series of strange and possibly lethal coincidences, New York City will be hosting several out-of-town bloggers this weekend, including Mark and BoiFromTroy. In turn, a ton of New York bloggers will be welcoming them to the Center of the Universe. Expect to see people like Crash, Aaron, Michael, and, of course, me, as well as dozens of bloggers I don't read regularly but probably should, carrying our visiting brethren aloft through the streets to greet the cheering throngs drinking with them.

With so many gay bloggers gathered together in one place, though, there are national security issues. Therefore, I'm taking the liberty to designate the Portland bloggers to assume leadership of the blogosphere in the event of unspeakable blog tragedy (blagedy?)

This, of course, means that the Portland boys cannot drink while on call, but I'm sure they are up to that challenge. Fear not: New York City bloggers will return to international dominance by mid-morning Monday. Portland, you can be blind drunk by 4:00 Monday afternoon. Just like usual.