Monday, May 17, 2004

Assignment: show two of Bradykins's friends around New York, and make it a meaningful experience.

Difficulty level: two days only.

Additional difficulty factor: both are from Colorado, and had never been to New York before; in addition, the possibility exists that they will never return. Therefore, the 'meaningful experience' factor.

Ready. Set. Go.

* Posh.
* Vynl.
* Embassy Suites.

* The Winter Garden at the World Financial Center.
* World Trade Center Site.
* Lower Broadway.
* 6 Train.
* Grand Central Terminal.
* The Waldorf-Astoria.
* My office (to get a phone number I'd forgotten... and maybe to show off just a bit.)
* East Midtown.
* Lunch.
* Future Bloomberg Building.
* Bloomingdale's.
* Park Avenue.
* Madison Avenue.
* Central Park. (Note: disappointment that there were no pre-op trannies hanging from the trees. Must schedule better next time.)
* Tavern on the Green.
* Central Park West.
* Columbus Circle.
* 1 Train.
* TriBeCa.
* Embassy Suites; freshen up.
* Cab from WTC area to East Village. ("Look! There's the Brooklyn Bridge!")
* Gashole!
* Times Square. (Note: visit interrupted by massive thunderstorm. Guide protects visitors from rain; gets soaked; doesn't like getting soaked; proves his Manhattan street cred by being able to snag cab in torrential rain.)
* Embassy Suites.

* Battery Park Esplanade.
* Battery Park.
* Staten Island Ferry. (Note: this effectively gets New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the Brooklyn waterfront, Governor's Island, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, the Lower Manhattan skyline, and, uh, Staten Island out of the way. Very time-efficient. And free. We like free.)
* Lunch in Staten Island.
* Return Ferry trip.
* 1 Train to Midtown to meet a friend at the Sheraton, where Brady and I first... you know.
* Ed Sullivan Theater.
* Friend cancels.
* Walk down Seventh Avenue to see Times Square when dry.
* Spontaneous stop at TKTS booth.
* Posh.
* Walk down Tenth Avenue in order to avoid Ninth Avenue street fair to reach 'The New 42nd Street.'
* Forbidden Broadway.
* Embassy Suites.

* 4:30 AM alarm.
* Get Brady to Penn Station and the girls in a cab to LaGuardia.
* Work.

I've seen enough of New York for now. If Mark wants to see anything next weekend, I'm sure a number of other bloggers will be happy to give him a guided tour. I'll meet them at the bar later...