Monday, May 17, 2004

What the fuck was this guy thinking? Great, now I'm gagging at my desk.

Better yet, the AP story links to this scrumptious site. I stopped reading at: "Most Americans don't realize that they are eating a pound or two of insects each year." Honey, you know why we don't know that? Because we don't want to know. Now shut up!

[Note: in fairness, I must point out that the following disclaimer is, in fact, present: "The University of Maryland and the Cicadamaniacs do not advocate eating cicadas without first consulting your doctor." The doctor in question, of course, would have earned a very specialized degree.]

This parade of grossness reminds me of something I read last week, but forgot to link to: New York magazine' article on "Extreme Eating." Fortunately (for you), the photos on-line are much smaller -- and therefore less graphic -- than the photos the jump out at you when you casual open the magazine in the privacy of your own living room.

I'm about to be put off food forever. As for you... bon apetit!