Monday, June 07, 2004

Now that I've put Bradykins on a 6:00 AM train, meaning that I've been in the office since 6:45 (which should have been 6:15, and thank you very much, MTA, for the speedy E Train service this morning), I think I'll take a moment to recap a weekend of excitement as befits a Famous Author.

Friday: Go out. Get drunk. Go home.

Saturday: Did you ever notice that it's almost impossible to avoid Michelle Pfeiffer on weekend afternoon television? I swear the woman has made more movies than Hackman and Walken combined.

Sunday: Deal with some travel plans. Nap. Watch Bradykins play 723 games of Spider Solitaire.

And that was about it. Well... maybe a few other things happened. Let me think.

Oh yeah. Reagan died. I didn't really have anything to do with that, though, so I can't really call it an integral part of my weekend. He did some very good things, and got credit for some very good things that would have happened anyway, and was also guilty of some great sins. Future historians will judge his presidency with some level of dispassion and perspective, and I'll happily let them have the final word. As for my own complicated and often conflicting thoughts, well... Rest In Peace.

What else... what else...

Oh, yes: my crew watched the Tony telecast, immediately following Karen Mack and Michael Holland's Tony-themed Gashole show at Mama Rose's on Second Avenue in the East Village. By the way, I've said this before and I'm going to repeat myself until you start listening to me: if you haven't seen these kids perform, you've been missing one of New York's great live performance experiences. Go.

Speaking of the Tony Awards, I really really really need to see Avenue Q. This isn't news to me, but it's one of those ideas that pop in and out of my head, and I need to keep it in. Plus, all the theater kids in attendance last night seemed to consider it a favorite. (On the flip side, they booed the very mention of Bombay Dreams. I admit that Bombay Dreams isn't exactly Pulitzer Prize material, but I think it's perfectly enjoyable if you look at it for what it is: a colorful, lighter-than-air spectacle. Jere seems to agree with me... so that makes two of us.)

The only other link-worthy weekend event was the dead body they found around the corner from Mama Rose's shortly before we arrived. But, again, I really didn't have anything to do with that. No matter what you hear people say.