Friday, August 20, 2004

Apparently, there's an opening for a copy editor at the New York Blade. I hope they will waist waste no time in filling the position.

Alleged Editor Steve Weinstein in his column "Dear Jim: Welcome to the club":
This was, in fact, a seismic event, far overshadowing the way overhyped Ellen Degeneris episode a few years back.

Um... I think you mean "DeGeneres," Steve.
Then he’ll be a footnote, a Trivial Pursuit question. Just look at Monica Lewinsky or Jennifer Flowers.

Um... I think you mean "Gennifer," Steve.

Alleged Executive Editor Chris Crain in his column "Pointing fingers at McGreevey":
McGreevey hired Golen Cipel...

Um... I think you meant "Golan," Chris.

And I haven't even been reading with a critical eye.

Dear New York Blade, please believe me when I tell you that I am not a senior officer with the Spelling Police. But these were just sloppy and lazy. As editors, you have a responsibility to do more than guess at spelling.

Okay. I'm done.