Friday, August 20, 2004

I won't bother posting the original message. You've all seen them before. But here is my response:
Dear Mr. Kuti:

Thank you very much for contacting me to act as an intermediary in this potential financial transaction. I am, of course, quite interested.

However, I am also considering serving in a similar capacity for another party who has contacted me regarding a financial matter ($15.3 million American) originating in the Republic of South Africa. If I was to enter into that particular relationship, and also deal with you, I'm afraid it would alert the authorities that something was suspicious.

There does exist a possibility that the South African deal will fall through. I have asked Mr. J. Bhota (of South Africa) for evidence that he is not an atheist, because my religion forbids me from engaging in transactions with atheists. To date, he has not responded.

Therefore, I would like your assurance that you are not an atheist. Or even an agnostic, which is just as bad. Also, it would be helpful if you were not one on those Nigerian Jews I keep reading about in "The Atlantic." If you could send me these guarantees, and I receive them before I receive guarantees from J. Botha, I will probably choose to deal with you.

Yours in Christ,

Richard Boyland Yrnes
Yrnes Inc.