Monday, November 08, 2004

I don't think there's any question about how I voted for president, and I do think that people -- especially those of us of the homosexual variety -- should be vigilant. A federal government peppered with names like Ashcroft, Musgrave, Santorum, DeMint, Martinez, Coburn, and too many more to list requires nothing less.

But folks, can we try not to panic? I mean, I've had as much fun with the map of JesusLand as anyone (not to mention the corresponding slave state and trailer park maps), but let's get a grip, 'kay? Bush voters weren't necessarily fascist idiots and Kerry voters weren't all out to save the world and hug little fuzzy bunnies.

Beyond that, where are you going to go? There are conservatives in Canada, too. There are gay-bashings in Britain and skinheads in Germany and people who don't bathe in France. Let's face it: wherever you run, you're almost certainly going to end up living next to a red-state -- perhaps called l'etatier-rouge, but still, a red-stater.

The hysteria is a bit much, though. I mean, at this moment the writers at The Advocate have urine trickling down their pant legs. Eek! It's Kosovo on the Potomac! "(W)ill we know when it’s time to leave just to save our own skins?" Eek! Mommy, I'm scared!! "I find myself standing alone in the school yard, unsure of where to go."

Be concerned about Washington and watch your legislators. Take action and write letters. Talk to your friends. But don't panic. Keep your sense of humor and take it from me, one of the world's oldest bloggers: this nation has been through this before, and we'll go through it again, and reacting by booking a flight to Toronto is about as productive as counting on your Nigerian millions to get you out of debt.

(End of lecture. Let the flaming begin.)