Thursday, January 27, 2005

I'll be finishing up with my Oscar predictions soon, but in the meantime I want to get serious about something that... well, let me be quite honest with you: this has kept me up for the past several nights. I am disturbed and saddened. Saddened and disturbed. And just plain sick to my stomach.

What disturbs, saddens, and sickens me? The blatant anti-Christian bias shown by Hollywood. The Academy of NON-Christian Motion Picture Arts and Science has done backflips to avoid honoring -- or even mentioning -- one of the most creative, innovative, forward-thinking films. The only possible reason can be because that movie dared to recognize Christianity.

I'm speaking, of course, of "Christmas with the Kranks." Honestly, Hollywood; no nominations? Zero? Zip? Nada? That is criminal. In fact, it's such an obvious omission that you don't even have to make excuses. Your bias is so blatant it's... it's... it's like snubbing "The Godfather". Or completely dissing Marisa Tomei's performance in "My Cousin Vinny."

Yes, we all know that Hollywood is run by Jews who are into butt-sex. That's not a surprise, is it? But still, art is art. The anti-Christian bias of the butt-sex Jews should not be tolerated. I'm sure they would have been all "Oh-I-love-you-Tim-Allen-here-have-an-Oscar-and-please-can-I-carry-it-for-you?" if this movie was called "Holiday Season with the Kranks," or even "Kwanzaa with the Kranks" if they wanted to keep the alliteration. But no....

I'm so angry right now. I feel like boycotting something. Tofu, maybe.

Which reminds me:
"No Oscar battle for 'Passion' partisans"
(Via Ted, who has a hilarious reply)