Friday, May 06, 2005

The AP, via the Social Security Administration, brings us the most popular name-pairings for twin babies in 2004. And all I can say is that there are going to be some confused, fucked-up kids in a decade or so.
1. Jacob, Joshua

2. Taylor, Tyler
[ed.: kidding, right? Please?]

3. Matthew, Michael

4. Daniel, David

5. Faith, Hope
[ed.: poor babies. I hope they're at least girls]

6. Madison, Morgan

7. Ethan, Evan
[ed.: "Ethan, Evan; I'd like you to meet Taylor and Tyler."]

8. MacKenzie, Madison
[ed.: if triplets, that's MacKenzie, Madison and Morgan]

9. Alexander, Andrew

10. Nathan, Nicholas
Nice. The only paired names that aren't nauseatingly alliterative are the ones from a Kelly Ripa sitcom. If these twins don't start killing their too-cutesy-for-words parents when they hit their teens, I'll be very surprised.