Thursday, May 05, 2005

It could have been any one of several individuals or shadowy organizations.

Was it Cumming, D-Nasty, or Faustus, jealous of my writing success and Fame? Was it the AP, the Advocate,, or any number of other media angry that I mock their carelessness? Did Young Karen, Spike, or MAK lash out because I tagged them for a meme? Maggie Gyllenhaal? Mitch Albom? Ann Coulter? The ghost of Irene Ryan?

(And I've only scratched the surface. Maybe I am a mean bitch.)

In any event, you missed me, suckers! Nice try, but once again you were tripped up by your own incompetence.

I work in the building next door! Hahahahaha!! Try again, if you think you can get it right the next time!

UPDATE: Gothamist has a picture. Some of you lucky devils who know where I work can even see my office windows. Yeah... that's me, waving.