Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Despite my Famousness and general fabulosity, I am often surprised to learn just how impressed people are when the encounter me electronically. Well, yes, in real life, too, but I've grown use to that shock and awe. On the Internets, though, where anyone can communicate with major A-list celebrities like, oh, Dan Renzi and Paul Mercurio (who, by the way, is not homosexual, no matter what you thought when he had a career) and Horshack and President George W. Bush, it surprises and humbles me to come across appreciative fans.

Take, for example, Karen Roberts, who hates everything except me (and, perhaps, Faustus. The jury is still out.) She really seemed surprised that I popped in on her blog today. Doesn't she know that A-list celebrities use Technorati, too? Well, in any event, I will be linking to Karen's site in the hope that some day she comes to hate me, too.

And then there is MAK. Now, I have known MAK on-line and in person for a year or so, but -- until today -- I never really knew how much I meant to him. Here is a man who quit his job and now wants to be my Personal Assistant, even going so far as to encourage the public to vote. While I appreciate the American Idolesque gesture, and -- of course -- I am leading in the poll, I can't afford to take him on at this time. Granted, 'Personal Assistant to the Famous Author' is a cool title, but MAK will have to earn a living elsewhere. I know he'll forgive me.

These are the burdens of my life, friends. I know that all you see is glamour, but always remember that it's not as easy as it appears to live up to the admiration and, yes, love.