Friday, July 08, 2005

God has smiled on the world for the past few months, and -- for this -- we should be thankful.

First, He saved Star Jones from last December's tsunami in Asia. Now, He has saved Omarion from the carnage in London.

And let me add that He has also protected me from harm. I was in London -- less than a dozen blocks from one of the bomb blasts, if my eyeballing of the map in this morning's New York Post was on target -- just five short years ago. And I have been in the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea on several occasions, quite likely encountering water particles that would later become tsunami-ized. Yes, I consider myself lucky, and grateful to God for smiling on me... more than he smiles on you.

When you say your prayers tonight, please remember the victims of the London terrorist attack. But also remember me, Star, and Omarion.

Because when tragedy strikes, we deserve your attention.

Omarion Contemplates Global Destruction