Thursday, August 11, 2005

I picked up this meme over at Joel's place and figured, what the hell... it's easier than thinking up original content.

1. What was the first blog you ever saw/found?
I can't remember my first blog, because I looked, yawned, and moved on through several of them before I found a few that interested me. The first blogs that caught my attention were definitely Useless, Worthless, Insipid, because Mike was a regular at The Duplex and I had spent my fair share of time there, and The Search for Love in Manhattan, because Faustus... well, he's Faustus!

2. How did you find it?
The NYC Blogger map.

3. What were the next few blogs you saw/found?
Oh, I read all the popular kids. Andrew Sullivan... Gawker... Gothamist... and a bunch of others that I don't read anymore.

4 How many blogs do you read per day?
I'd estimate that I hit 30 or so per day, and make it through my all the blogs on my sidebar every 7 to 10 days. (And then I have my secret list of blogging atrocities, which I check religiously for updates...)

5. Have you met a blogger in real life? Who? (You don't have to list them all if you're a blog whore.)
I don't consider myself a 'blog whore', thankyouverymuch, but I have met far, far, far too many bloggers. Uh... I'm not talking about you, of course; I'm talking about that other blogger. For the sake of argument, let's guesstimate that I've met at least 35 bloggers.

6. Which very far-away bloggers do you think you would like to meet if you lived in the same city?
Hell, I haven't even met all the New York bloggers I would like to meet. Although if I start naming names, I might have to meet people, so I'll stay on-topic and therefore hopefully avoid social interaction. The out-of-town bloggers I would like to meet include Jeff of Gatsby's Ghost, with whom I've had an e-mail relationship for over a year; Skip-O-Rama, because when I meet him I intend to kick his ass; Joel of Not That, because he's funny and intelligent and also because I should reciprocate; and Flip, but only because I would like to tie a string to him and dangle him in front of Crash, then yank him away when Crash lunges for him. That would be a lot of fun!

Oh, and Becks and Teej, but I think of them more as fellow Famous Authors, rather than Famous Bloggers.

7. Who is the most introspective blogger?
Most people think that describes me, but I sincerely think 'Frank' of The Accidental New Yorker is slightly more introspective.

8. Who cracks you up?
Pretty much everyone. Diplomatic enough for the room? Good. But if I had to name a few names: Chrisafer, Faggoty-Ass Faggot, Faustus, and Young Matthew. Oh, and when Charlie the Blogstalker was blogging, he always cracked me up, but now when I see him in person he is bitter and jaded and angry and... um... resentful. But mostly, I crack myself up. Is that wrong?

9. Who is hot? (Or who do you think sounds hot if there is no picture?)
No one is hotter than Bradykins, but he doesn't blog, so I am so not going here. Oh wait... MzOuiser!

10. Which blog is the latest on your link list? Or who did you just discover?
I think the most recent addition was Faggoty-Ass Faggot. But that sidebar has lately seen more action than Boi From Troy at a Log Cabin convention, so who can remember?

11. Who needs to update more often?
My friend Greg, of I'm Nailed Right In fame. That would be one of the funniest blogs if it was updated more than once every 8 months.

12. Do you have a favorite entry? (Your own)
Of course, because I am a raging egomaniac. But for pure smart-ass value, this is my favorite. Not to mention that it triggered a meme among the Popular Kids, 'cause apparently Popular Kids like to make fun of Jason Kottke.

13. What's your favorite song on the radio right now? (OK, that's not about blogging, but this is my meme)
How many times do I have to tell you that I do not do music. Stop asking me!

Following Joel's lead, I am not passing this on to anyone. It is a voluntary meme... do with it what you like.