Monday, August 29, 2005

I used to really enjoy Gawker, but lately... sigh. Apparently, Nick Denton's well-publicized salaries can now only afford the monkeys locked in a room that can't replicate Shakespeare.

A few recent examples:

1. Maybe it's just me, but I don't find inherent humor in elderly people getting run over. Ummm... is this some sort of Urban Outfitters joke I'm not hip enough to get? Would it not be as funny if an elderly person had been killed outside a Starbucks? Or is it just stupid. Answer: Stupid.

2. Hip, cutting-edge, snarky! Look at Gawker have fun at the expense of Manhattan Borough President candidate Brian Ellner, concluding that City Council Speaker Gifford Miller is cute, too! But, uh, Giff Miller is a candidate for Mayor, not Borough President, so the joke doesn't work. Result: Stupid.

Lately that web site has had a lot more misses than hits. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping it doesn't become as dreadful as Gothamist did, because I really don't want to delink it.

But if I have to, I will.