Thursday, September 22, 2005

Yikes. The moment is almost upon us. My next entry will be my thousandth since July 16, 2003.

So we'd better make it special, right? And by 'we,' I mean not only my multiple personalities, but all of my friends and readers. Um... meaning you! (But not you.)

Here's what we'll do. Send me e-mail or leave a comment pertaining to me and/or this blog, and I'll put them together in a very special, probably very lengthy "TRL 1K" entry. It will be like a big blog scrapbook. Scrapblog? Whatever.

Go off about anything... and the funnier the better, of course, 'cause funny may not always be what this blog is all about, but it's what I try to make it all about. Famous Author Rob Byrnes fan fiction? Photoshopped FARB? Real-life encounters? Something written in the style of Poignant, bittersweet remembrances that will leave readers with a tear in their eye? It's all good.

Well... okay, I probably will do some editing. So if you were thinking of putting my head on a porn stars body, it probably won't make the cut. And if you have that much time on your hands, you should be looking for the real pictures. Also, please note that I reserve the right to edit to protect my job and my relationship. (I would have added 'my reputation,' but I figure it's already shot.)

But hurry! THE DEADLINE IS THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26. My 'close of business,' not yours.

Get your contribution to me in a timely fashion, and I hope to post my thousandth entry on Tuesday, September 27. Until then, I'm afraid I have to force myself to be silent. Hopefully nobody will do anything too stupid between now and then.

Yeah, right.


And since I can't upload anything until next Tuesday, I should take this opportunity to note a few quick items.

1. Congratulations to Boi from Troy, who yesterday celebrated his blog's second birthday and also received his millionth visitor. Meaning he's had approximately 996,832 visitors more than I have. Little bastard.

2. Good luck to former TRL Guest Bloggers Teej and Becks, who -- at this very moment -- are fleeing Hurricane Rita. Just a few weeks ago, our fellow gay Kensington author (sorry, Becky! I mean, 'our fellow gay/gay-friendly Kensington author') Greg Herren was forced out of New Orleans by Katrina. Don't tell the AFA, but I'm starting to worry that God is targeting gay Kensington authors. If Hurricane Wally attacks Manhattan -- home to me and Dolby -- I will have confirmation.


All for now, kids! Remember to get your comments and e-mails to me by Monday! Ciao!