Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Welcome to 2006! And how did that happen already?

The upcoming year offers great opportunity for personal development and growth, and it should be interesting for the rest of us, too. In the time-honored tradition of content-challenged bloggers everywhere, I would like to share my resolutions for the next 12 months.

1. Drink less bad wine.
2. Drink more cheap scotch.
3. Live up to my Search Engine Reputation, Part 1.
4. Go straight home after work. Maybe some day in May.
5. Ease up on 365gay.com and Advocate.com.
6. Unless they screw up.
7. Live up to my Search Engine Reputation, Part 2.
8. Be kind to other bloggers.
9. Except in private e-mails with MAK.
10. Patch things up with Cumming.
11. Stop answering all that Cialis spam.
12. Live up to my Search Engine Reputation, Part 3.
13. Recognize that the world is not my personal playground, and that I have a responsibility to behave in a mature and considerate manner when dealing with other people.
14. Sort of ignore Resolution #14, 'cause that would be no fun.
15. Live up to my Search Engine Reputation, Part 4.
16. Eat grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches at least 182 times during the year.
17. Finish writing my third novel before it is supposed to be on the bookshelves.
Gain an appreciation for poetry. (And, hey, I might as well gain an appreciation for sticking needles in my eyes while I'm at it, right? Christ, why don't I just start going to the ballet? Heh. Okay... forget this resolution. It sucks.)
19. Stop talking about going to the gym and actually do it.
20. Borrow a lot of money from friends without even considering repayment. (Special Encore Resolution from 1978 through 2005, because when something works, you should stick with it!)
21. Finally finish my '100 Things' list.

Ahhh... I feel more resolute already. Okay, 2006, I'm ready. Bring it on, bitch!