Friday, March 17, 2006

We're constantly inundated with top 10 lists that run down must-visit destinations all over the world. One thing we don't get very often is a list of places to avoid. That's why we look forward to the annual human rights report that details those countries that discriminate and abuse their citizens based on sexual orientation.

Surprisingly, all of the countries are clustered close to one another. But even with a leader who wants a Constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, the U.S. is not included on the list (well that's because the U.S. State Department put the damn report together). There are places much worse off than our own. Take for example Iran (they kill queers) and Poland (no pride marches for you!).
I really hope the passage I bolded above was an attempt at humor that fell flat. If not, some people really need to get out in the world a bit more.

And anyway, everyone knows that the prime example of zealous American homophobia came when Brokeback Mountain didn't win the Academy Award for Best Picture. Sheesh. That one sent us straight to the Gulag.