Monday, June 12, 2006

Hard as it is to believe, in only 10 or 11 weeks my masterpiece will be on bookshelves from coast to coast. And since for once I am actually trying to plan things more than two days in advance, it's time to figure out when and where I should hold the book launch party.

That's where you come in.

Here are the prime venues, all of which are located in Hell's Kitchen. Why? I don't know. That's just where I almost always end up after locking up the office for the afternoon night.

* POSH: until a few weeks ago, Posh was my home away from home. Strong points: setimentality and a very cheap Happy Hour.

* BAMBOO 52: a new venture from the owners of Posh, and -- for the past few weeks -- my home away from home. Strong points: nice space and sushi.

* VLADA: another new HK bar. Strong points: infused vodka and ability to make an ass out of myself without having to face the staff the next day.

Or, we could all try to cram into my tiny apartment, which will probably even be presentable for visitors after Brady finishes chasing out my roommate and redecorating, but I wouldn't advise it. For now, I'd rather have you vote for your preferred venue. Of course, if you have an alternate in mind, I'm listening.

Where Should The "Stars" Book Party Be Held?
POSH: Don't Mess With Tradition
VLADA: Readers Want Infused Vodka!
BAMBOO 52: Like Posh, But With Sushi
CASA FARB: Life at York & 81st Sounds So Glamorous
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