Friday, June 30, 2006

From Queerty:
• The NFL opened its rookie training symposium with an openly gay speaker (a NFL vice president, no less) at its diversity training seminar. In the program's 10-year history, this is a first. [Out Sports]
Uh... no. If you actually read the article, you won't find anything that even hints that the NFL vice president is gay. As a matter of fact, he's married and has six children. I'm sure Queerty regrets the error.

And from, uh, Queerty:
...while the LGR's site Schwarzenegger's record on GLBT issues as "extraordinary,"...
A few corrections are in order:

1. The acronym for Log Cabin Republicans would be LCR, not LGR. I'm sure Queerty regrets the error.

2. The word is 'cite,' not 'site.' I'm sure Queerty regrets the error.

3. If they must pluralize LCR -- I'm not sure why, since it is an acronym for a plural to begin with -- they should lose the apostrophe. LCRs, not LCR's. I know that some style guides disagree with me, but they are wrong. Still, that's enough give them a free pass on the apostrophe... not, however, on compound pluralization.

Ah, hell, the kids at Queerty can always find work at, so they'll be all right.

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