Friday, July 07, 2006

New feature. Because although you don't deserve it, it's one way for me to randomly throw out everything I never got around to blogging about this week.

ITEM 1: Will there be love? Will there be hate? Find out early next week when Publishers Weekly reviews When the Stars Come Out! [Sidenote: WTF are they doing reviewing the book seven weeks before its publication date? And should that really make me so nervous?]

ITEM 2: The New York State Court of Appeals issues a 4-2 ruling tossing the issue of gay marriage over to the state legislature, which will do absolutely nothing. (Trust me here: I spent 14 years working in Albany, and I have 1/14th of a gray hair for each year.) Unlike other gay bloggers, I am neither sickened nor shocked nor surprised. Sorry, kids, but sometimes progress takes time. And no, that doesn't make me some sort of heretical accommodationist; just a realist. However, I am also an optimist, and some day I intend to get married.

Oh, and a PS to those who are wrapped up in the rhetorical overkill: Governor Pataki didn't 'pack' the Court of Appeals. Over the course of twelve years, it should fully be expected that he would nominate the men and women who now constitute a majority of the court. Wouldn't it be great if, instead of engaging in this silliness in 2006, all the people who are now throwing themselves in front of the subway over this ruling had gone to the polls and voted? Or am I asking too much?

ITEM 2, UPDATE 1: Oops. I forgot a link here. Now that you know what I think about the politics of the decision, read Kip to see what I think about the ruling itself. If I had the time and intelligence, I couldn't have said it better.

ITEM 2, UPDATE 2: And speaking of the legislature, Daily News political reporter/blogger Ben Smith has set up a Wikipedia page detailing the gay marriage positions of the members of the current state legislature. And please take note: just because no position is indicated does not mean that a legislator is undecided. I know some of these people, and they are most definitely decided.

ITEM 3: Remember that short story I was supposed to finish back in late April? It's (more or less) done now. Why more people don't set their watches by me, I'll never know.

ITEM 4: I cracked a rib last week. Well, okay, I think it's probably just bruised, but 'cracked' sounds better. And a little extra sympathy might take the edge off the embarrassment I feel for taking a plunge down the 59th Street 4-5-6 subway station staircase during rush hour.

ITEM 5: I'll get back to you on this.

Okay, folks, have a great weekend! Think of me often!