Monday, July 31, 2006

From the comments on The Advocate's latest poll. The commenter's name has been redacted, because I feel only slightly less sorry for him than I do that he felt compelled to share a bit too much... and also because I don't want him to Google himself and find this blog. Some of you may remember my former correspondent Ugly Naked Guy; I have no strong desire to repeat that experience.

Oh, and I think this goes without saying, but spelling, grammar, and thought processes are all presented as originally written.
I am a 68 year old gay man . . As soon as I saw "THE SINGING COWBOY -ROY ROGERS ". ON THE SCRENE-----I was hooked on, Nol only HIM ,but MEN . At that age I HAD NO IDEA HOW TO GET ONE !!.____TO PLAY WITH!, 50 YEARS AGO ,Living in Long Beach Ca.We had "THE PIKE"Home of "THE PLUNGE",a huge indoor pool. At the Plunge was naturally a dressing room . As soon as I saw a NAKED MAN ,I was In HEAVEN !. Very Soon ,I SOON descovered that I was NOT THE ONLY ONE CHECKING OUT THE MEN . .. I noticed a very Good Looking Young MAN,who kept looking at me !--.After a few minutes ,he motioned for me toi follow him into a more Private Area,Where we , started Playing With Each OTHER!...I was 6 years Old !!!!--- And lovedf It !! AND YES I WAS VERY ELEGAL , JAIL BAIT >> It was the Most Exciting Thing That EVER HAPPENED .... Everytime I could ,--Off to the PLUNGE I WOULD GO !! I was HOOKED ON CRUISING ! I cannot understand how some of THESE UPTIGHT QUEERS , OBJECT TO GEORGE MICHAELS statement that "CRUISING IS PART OF OUR CULTURE"--GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK ,-- I used To cruise an area in Long Beach ,Called The MILK RUN . In Those YEARS , we had THE NAVY > Those Boy's IN THEIR WHITES were GREAT !!. I was of LEGAL AGE AT THIS TIME .--[Honey ,The MILK RUN WAS PACKE ,AT ANY TIME OF THE DAY OR NIGHT !!--- The Navy Boy's were lined up on OCEAN BLVD ,--- AT BUS STOPS , MOST HOPING TO BE PICKED UP !!!!-- AND Most of them , Would PAY US QUEERS TO STAY AT OUR PLACES - FOR THE WHOLE WEEKEND ,,-OH YES !!! Any ,repeat ANY GAY MAN ,who say's he does not CRUISE ,is one of two things , A LIAR , OR BLIND !!!! GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK !! MOST MEN ARE BEAUTIES , AND LETS FACE IT , WE GAY'S LOVE "BEAUTY"-- ITS PART OF OUR CULTURE !!!----" Going in a T_ ROOM ,LOOKING FOR SEX , IS DANGEROUS , BUT I WILL GVE YOU ODDS ------ MILLION --TO --ONE THAT. MOST GAY MEN WILL SNEEK A PEEK AT A PEE PEE ,in a TEENKLE TEMPLE , or a DRESSING ROOM !!! I do have many FRIENDS ESPECIALLY----J.W. " a long Time friend , WHO CANNOT GET A HARD-On , unless HE HEARS A TOILET FLUSH !!-- NAUGHTY !!---- But this FRIEND RECENTLY MET THE MOSTTY GLORIOUS MAN , AND NOW THEY ARE TOGETHER!! The Man is A CEO OF A HUGE COMPANY !! LIGHTEN UP GIRL FRIEND I Have never stopped CRUISING , and I AM IN A WHEELCHAIR !! AND OLD . But recently , a great looking GUY ,,,, ABOUT 30,,asked me AT A BUS STOP, , WHERE ARE YOU FEADED // . "WITH YOU HONEY !! See Boy's SOME YOUNG ONES LIKE US "OLD ONES ,. YHEEEEEEEE.... I WILL CRUISE MEN TILL I DIE , THEN I'LL CHECK OUT THE ACTION IN HEAVEN ..... [REDACTED] Long BEACH YES , THAT [REDACTED] --- I STILL CRUISE < AND ONCE IN A WHILE ---- A HOME RUN !!!!
Would someone either befriend him or take his computer away? Please?!