Saturday, March 17, 2007

And Also: Be Kind to Bloggers, You Assholes

It ain't over yet, kids, but I am getting the drubbing of my life (from -- shudder -- Queerty) -- in The Malcontent's March Gayness Tourny. (Tourney? Eh, whatever.)

I mean, it's not too late to show me some love -- and, you know, tell your own blog readers to show me some love, too -- but I am ready to accept my fate. As I am writing this, I am losing by a solid 2-to-1 margin, so it's going to be next to impossible to make up lost ground. I suppose that I could consider it a small victory that I'm taking one-third of the vote, given that Queerty has probably twenty times the readership, but...

Oh hell yes I'm gonna consider that a victory. I am all about the face-saving mode right now, people. Although I have a special treat for you on the day the winners are announced. Stay tuned.

By the way, even if you read this blog and don't always feel the love (because I'm the first one to admit that I can be a hypocritical bitch when I'm on a roll), Matt and Robbie (they would be the Malcontentae) are giving everyone a great opportunity to discover some blogs you may not be familiar with. Not only have I come across some good, fun, and good/fun reads, but, hell, even unpopular, unassuming, getting-his-ass-kicked-by-Queety! me has tripled his Saturday readership, and maybe some people will stick around, so it's a win-win thing.

Also, some Friends of FARB (loosely defined as being in my blogroll) are in play, too: Sven-O-Rama, ApproachingMiddleAgeGuiFromTroy, Gay Orbit, A Stitch in Haste (although I don't think Kip wants to play), Mark at Zeitzeuge... Plus you have the unique opportunity to vote in the Gay Patriot (sic) vs. Andrew Sullivan contest, and although I tend to be contrarian and vote for the little guy in these sort of things, Sully has never looked more blond and twinkish than when I had to vote in that match-up.

Okay, on to a related topic. When I got back from the gym earlier today -- did I mention I'm going to the gym again, now that it's in my building? Well, I am, and soon I am going to be as Hot as Reading -- I was looking at some of the other March Gayness blogs, and I came across an unfortunate comment. No need to name the blog in question; it wasn't the blogger's fault, and although I read his site from time to time, I've never done the whole linky-love thing with him. Let's just say that the blog is written by someone who was affiliated with Queerty when it was readable and not blitheringly immature.

Anyway, someone felt compelled to leave a comment denigrating what I (perhaps harshly) read as the other 63 blogs in March Gayness. Me being me, I left my own brief comment, basically informing the commenter that these things are done in fun, and blogging is not a zero sum game. I wasn't quite so annoyed as to totally go off on him, because I held back on telling him that he could suck up to the blogger all he wanted, but they still wouldn't be getting naked together.

But I was thinking that.

Here's the thing: this is all too reminiscent of what Sam-O-Rama (and other bloggers) went through a few months ago, and in years past. In Sid's case, he got a well-deserved nomination as Best Gay Blog from one of the more prestigious of the 8,768 web sites giving out annual awards. In return, he got haterated by commenters loyal to their favorite blogger.

Which is weird. I mean, you can tell someone they were robbed -- you can even think you were robbed yourself -- but to get so wrapped up in blogs and bloggers is just wrong. Posting 32 comments on your favorite blogger's latest entry is wrong. Thinking that there is but One True Blogger and everyone else among 28 million other bloggers is a pale imitator is wrong.

Much as my respect for the current iteration of Queerty approaches zero, there is room for that site and The Rob Log. Why anyone thinks that the only way they can support their favorite blog is by trashing everyone else just mystifies me. Of course, I do consistently lecture blog commenters (via this site, of course, and you are all perfect!) to get outside, get some fresh air, and do something besides read blogs, so -- knowing that you do that -- I'm probably preaching to the choir.

There's no answer. With the exception of my lapse earlier today, I am not going to go to other blogs and lecture the readers. I am polite (hadn't you heard?)

In fact, I am going to point to my blogroll as a bunch of people who deserve -- and often already have -- more readers than I do. Read the blogs of those boys and girls. They are good.

Oh, and remember to vote for FARB! If I win, there might be nekkidness.

Eh... hypocrisy wins again.