Friday, April 20, 2007

I probably shouldn't Blog While Intoxicated -- especially because it takes so much time to touch the right keys and correct the mistakes -- but, because so many people are concerned that I was too cryptic in my last entry, I want to clarify things.

It seems I'm single again.

It was a great four years -- for me, at least -- and I'm not sure what else I should share here, except to assure everyone that I'm all right.


It's a rare thing to meet someone with whom you have a great rapport. It's rarer, still, when you make it work for years. You might hope and think it will last for decades, but... well... I guess it doesn't always work that way.

That's okay. It has to work for both people, right? And sometimes... it suddenly doesn't.

We're okay, if you care. We're still going to be living together -- we have no choice -- and I'm sure we'll figure out the details. The fact is that my boyfriend ex-boyfriend is a quality guy, and we'll work out the details over the next month or so.

And that is that.

I'm not going to say this will be easy. But it will all be all right.

Gonna cry a little now. Look over in the other direction, will you? Thanks.

UPDATE: Just to prove that life is funny, look at the answers I gave to this meme the other day. Specifically, answers #2 and #27. Of course, my answer to #20 should have been the tip-off...