Sunday, October 05, 2008


As I promised the other day, here are scans of the new book cover. Which, I am obligated to remind you, will be on the shelves in just six short months, give or take a week. But don't worry about forgetting... you will be reminded again. And again and again and again.

The front cover:
I like this. I was looking for something that said 'whacky and frenetic,' and I think Kensington delivered.

The back cover:

And, from an inside cover, my bio:
Yes, I finally rewrote it, after all these years. You'll note there is no Official Author Photo; I think The Powers That Be at Kensington figured that an eight year old image wasn't going to cut it anymore... even though I am as youthful as ever.

So there's your cover. To see what's in between those pages, you'll just have to wait a few months. You'll be fine.