Thursday, May 26, 2005

Originally, they were going to call her 'negress.'

"Yearbook error insults high school student"

And -- completely unrelated, but I've got the Blogger screen open, so what the hell -- I think there was some drinking going on overnight at 1010WINS while they wrote their news headlines. How else to explain:

"Bear-zilla Terrorizing Jersey Neighborhood"
"Bridezillas Rejoice, Kleinfeld Gets New Store"
"Cops On Heels Of Foot Fetish Freak"
"Man Crashes Car At Cemetery And Dies"
"Hello Sailor! NYC Fleet Week Begins"

Those might be 'sober' (insert wink here) for the New York Post, but not 1010WINS.

Oh, one last thing, while I'm thinking of sailors. I know I haven't been following Lost as closely as I should be, and maybe I was a bit tipsy due to partying at 1010WINS, but what the fuck was going on at the end of the season finale? Did I really see the little boy, Walt (or "Black Boy," as he's known in Waxahachie, Texas) get kidnapped by pirates? Or was that my imagination? Maybe I should do an Internet search to see if either Robert Louis Stevenson or Michael Jackson has been hired as Head Writer.

Okay, I'm done. Get back to work, dammit!