Wednesday, May 11, 2005

If you've been following accounts on several hundred other blogs, you would think I was the only New York blogger who did not attend last weekend's GB:NY2 get-together.

But I was there. Really.

I was there at the beginning. Wayne even has photographic proof. Click over to his photos -- yes, you have to click on the butt to get to the photos -- and you'll find me in photo BG28. Green shirt, leather jacket... yeah, that's me. And in case you wondered, which you didn't, the guy in the backgrund is Greg, of I'm Nailed Right In.

Right after Wayne snapped the photo, I had to run. And then -- long story -- I had to run some more. At one point, all that running brought me back to GB:NY2, where I yelled a quick hello to some folks and was out the door again in less than a minute. However, once again photographic evidence exists proving that I returned. If you go to The Gideonse Bible and look at picture #4, you can see me -- well, you can see my ear, neck, green shirt and leather jacket -- in the background.

So, to summarize, I only saw a few people I knew, met no new people, and spent only a few minutes at GB:NY2. But I was there, dammit. The cameras don't lie.

If you went to GB:NY2 for the sole purpose of meeting me, please accept my apologies. Also, you're a liar, but we can deal with that at a later time.