Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I think some people are getting the impression through this blog that I'm an obnoxious, smug, self-involved asshole with a big attitude problem.

Hmmm. If you think that, you may be right. But still...

This is your opportunity to tell me what you think. In the comments, give me your feedback based on the following scale:
10: You suck, this blog sucks, you suck again, and you're not even really Famous!

9: You are a complete dick and the only reason people read your blog is to make fun of your typos, Loser!

8. Anger management much lately? Apparently not.

7. Just the right blend of rants, mockery, glimpses into your life, links to funny news stories, and stupid-yet-amusing quizzes. Too bad you have to go ruin everything by being such a prick.

6. Hi, Bobby, it's your mother. Did you forget me on Mothers Day? I mean, not even a single flower! What's up with that?

5. Bobby, it's mom again. I forgot to mention that your blog Jumped the Shark at some point last August.

4. I'm sorry. I don't belong here. I must have clicked on the wrong link.

3. I appreciate the tongue-in-cheek irony, wry observations, and subtle humor. Of course, you're the last person I'd ever want to meet in person, but I thought you should hear some good news among the many '10' and '9' ratings you're sure to get.

2. I enjoy TRL because I try to find the good in everything, and I love a challenge.

1. I read TRL if I'm having a hard time falling asleep. Could you maybe add an mp3 of Perry Como? That would be excellent.
Thanks for your help!