Thursday, September 01, 2005

Yes, it's one more Katrina entry before I end the blog-day. Isn't it amazing how I held everything in for several days, and now can't stop? I know, I know... I surprise even myself at times.

In any event, I've spent far too much time over the past few days awash in... uh... closely reading everything and anything Katrina. And you know what? Roughly 83% of you are wrong.

Because this is not a political event. This is nature.

Yes, yes, I know. Bush should have known, and he's responsible. Blanco should have known, and she's responsible. Nagin should have known, and he's responsible. Barbour should have known, and he's responsible. People should have known to evacuate. People should be forgiven for not evacuating because they've heard 'wolf' too often. Looters should be shot. Looters are trying to feed their families.

FEMA sucks. FEMA... uh... really sucks. If all the Lousiana National Guard troops were on the Gulf Coast, everything would be all right, and therefore this is all the fault of the Iraq war. Except if it's not.

Bush should have surveyed the damage on the ground, instead of from the air, because... maybe it's more real to splash around in feces and copperheads? Bush shouldn't have been in Crawford when the hurricane was coming, because... uh... maybe it's more real to splash around in feces and copperheads in 145-mile-per-hour winds?

Anyway, the long and short of it is this: for the past three days, the Internet has been filled with more hot air and sloppy shit than the Ninth Ward.

Again: this is not a political event. This is nature.

There are very few players -- Republicans, Democrats, and independent bureaucrats alike -- who don't share a bit of blame for the human failings that contributed to the disaster. But this is not the fault of an individual, a party, or an ideology. It is fucking nature, and if you can't see that through your partisan glasses, then you're an idiot. It would have happened with a Democratic President and/or a Republican Governor. And unless you can dust-off your way-back machine and travel back to around 1985, then convince all the elected and public officials that the sky will, in fact, be falling in twenty years so they'd better get busy on that, you're not helping. You're merely contributing to the further disintegration of political discourse in this country.

So, again, shut up.

Now see what you've made me do? I'm late for Happy Hour. Ciao!