Tuesday, January 10, 2006

You've probably heard speculation that Famous Author Rob Byrnes is a fabrication, just like James Frey's memoirs and JT LeRoy's, uh... JT LeRoydom. We I want to assure you that we are I am, in fact, a real human being. While we I know that it's tempting to be cynical, we I encourage you to keep your faith alive. Just because you haven't actually seen us me doesn't mean I don't exist.

Yes, we've I've head the rumors: I'm Greg Herren or Timothy J. Lambert or Becky Cochrane or Joel Derfner, writing under an alias and further covering our my trail by using photographs of an impossibly handsome model. But those are just rumors. We I do all my own writing, and the images on this site are really us me. It pains us me that people would say otherwise, but -- in these days of massive literary deception -- we I can understand your doubt.

In closing, thank you for your faith and trust. We I truly appreciate it, and promise to never let you down.