Thursday, January 05, 2006

I know that yesterday I promised to mock the Bloggie Awards, but -- on reflection -- I think I was rash. Why, you ask? Because rather than mock the Bloggies, I think I should win one, instead.

No, not Best GLBT Weblog. Not even Best Asian Weblog. I think I should be nominated for the best of the best: Best Tagline of a Weblog.

Okay, so now that I've made a plan, here is how you can implement it. Go to 6th Annual Bloggie Awards page (that would be where the link goes, for those of you who aren't techies), scroll down roughly 40% of the page, and when you reach the box for Best Tagline nominees, type in:
Nominee: Famous Author Rob Byrnes


Tagline: Looking Better Than Jan-Michael Vincent Did At This Age Since 2003
Then click on 'submit,' and we're in business.

And I promise not to forget the little people when I'm even more famouser!

Hey! Campaigning for a blogging award can be fun!!