Monday, April 24, 2006

Whew... I've had quite a couple of days. So without further ado, let me tick off a few things for your consideration.

1. I really don't know why correspondent fuckk u was so upset about my comments about Dax Maier. It's not as if I compared him unfavorably to Star Jones. And, for the record, I didn't even mention that he peed himself and cried like a little girl. Repeatedly. Sheesh.

2. Re: this post, Becky asks: I wonder what bitter answer prompted a 25% showing as a socially conservative Republican. Well, not that I didn't give some bitter answers to that quiz, but my guess is that my 'socially-conservative Republican' points came from my rather loosely-held belief that there is a role for religion in the schools. Uh... don't take that the wrong way. I am an agnostic, and haven't attended non-funeral/non-wedding church services for 30 years. But my attitude is that school facilities should be open to students who want to pray as well as GSAs. In addition, I think American students would be well-served by understanding religion and the role it plays in different cultures (not to mention how they would be better-served by understanding other cultures period, but that's another topic.) In other words, I'm not a 'separation of church and state' absolutist when it comes to this subject.

3. I was in DC this weekend for -- once again -- the Irene Ryan competition of the American College Theater Festival at the Kennedy Center... although, now that I've linked to last year's entry, I see that I never explained this annual tradition. Let's just say that the Irene Ryans are a major event for a certain boyfriend of mine, and therefore they are part of my life, too. The upshot of the weekend -- and associated socializing over many cocktails -- is that I've been recruited to consider writing the book (and creating the narrative arc) for a musical. More details if and when they follow.

4. Oh yeah... the music and lyrics for that musical have already been written by the husband of a theater professor. Said professor is also working on me to do a book-signing in Portland, OR in the fall, and since I know some bloggers out there...

5. And finally, I have some really big news on the relationship front. But I really can't blog about it for a few days. Stay tuned.