Saturday, April 08, 2006

Despite the fact that I am Famous, readership of TRL continues to hover somewhere in the gray area between 'dwindling' and 'flat-lining.' As you know, I don't like to whine, but still... Something must be done.

I tried giving you nakedness, but now I'm out of MAK-pics, and in any event this isn't that kind of blog. Also, I don't want anyone getting the wrong impression, because as much as MAK idolizes me, we are quite content with our current partners.

And I've never been a link-whore like some people I know. While I appreciate it when someone blogrolls me (less so when my link disappears; but it's not a deal-breaker, BfT, so don't worry about it. For now. Bitch.), I can't remember ever begging for a link. If someone finds me through fate or Technorati and wants to link up, that's great. But I never ask.

So nudity and link-whoring are out. Which leaves only two other paths to popularity. And since I have no intention of developing good better content for this blog, I really only have one option.

In the comments, please suggest a fatal illness for me to feign. The more exotic and tragic, the better.

Thanks. Gotta run now. I feel a cough coming on...